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Features Of A Well Designed Couch or Nursing Bench

23rd May 2013

Architect looking for the right changing couch or nursing bench solution?

Below are the top 6 key features that you should find on every well designed changing couch – bear them in mind for next time you are looking for a couch; you could save a lot of time and money by getting you the right one first time!

  1. Height variation. Can the couch go low enough for mobile users to crawl onto? Can it raise up to a safe working height for your tallest carer?
  2. Easy to clean. The couch may look nice and shiny in the catalogue or on the stand, but how is it going to look in your bathroom after 2 years of intensive use?
  3. Showering and changing facility. Are you able to shower users on the couch or is it purely designed for changing only? A simple tip but it can make the difference between a couch being a valuable asset and space-taking liability.
  4. Peace of mind. It may look solid but what is the warranty? How can you be sure that this is going to last as long as you want it to and not need expensive repairs a year after installation?
  5. Ease of use. An often-missed feature here is how easy the side rails are to raise and lower. Think of all those movements made every time the couch is used.
  6. Space. Bear in mind the couch might not be the only thing that is in the room nor the only equipment in use. Being able to fold the couch when not in use can make all the difference here.

Is there anything that ticks all these boxes…?

The answer is yes – the new 2000 series couch will do everything you need.

Consider these features;

  1. Height variation of 300 – 1000mm.
  2. Removable zipped cover that can be put straight into the washing machine. No nooks and crannies in the metal framework for dirt to hide in.
  3. The soft mesh cover means it can be used for showering yet comfortable enough for changing. Water collection tray drainage hose ensures waste water is not splashed around.
  4. Comprehensive 5 year warranty.
  5. Very simple to use side rails and electric height adjustment.
  6. Easily foldable-potruding only 50mm from the wall

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