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Last Updated: 2nd June 2021

Disability VAT Relief for Disabled Persons

Many of our products are eligibile for disability VAT relief at zero rate, and this is indicated on the individual product page. However in order for a sale to be zero rated VAT, there are a number of conditions that have to be met.

  • The customer has to be eligible for VAT relief

  • The goods have to be for the personal or domestic use of the customer

  • The goods have to be VAT eligible for relief.

Here are some further details about when the circumstances above apply

Am I eligible for VAT relief?
  • In order to claim VAT relief as an individual you have to be (and we apologise for the brutal Tax Office language) chronically sick or disabled. (If you are a charity please see the section below). This means that you have to have a long term or terminal condition, e.g. you cannot claim VAT relief if you have a broken leg; this is not a long term condition (although it may seem so at the time!).

    The person themselves does not have to sign the declaration, it can be a parent, carer or guardian who can confirm that they meet the criteria.

What does domestic or personal use mean?

  • Domestic or personal use’ means that the supply is needed specifically for the use of a disabled individual or series of disabled individuals.

    Goods for general use in a charitable building cannot be zero rated, neither can goods supplied to person who is resident in a nursing home or hospital. They have to be supplied to a person for their personal use in their own home.

Are the goods I’m buying eligible for VAT relief?

  • As a rule any equipment that is designed or adapted for use for a person with a disability can be zero rated. This is a decision that is made by the product manufacturer in conjunction with the tax office, which we have no say over. For example a High Seat chair is not deemed to be eligible, as it could quite conceivably be used by someone without a disability.

    Any product eligible for VAT relief is marked as such on the website.

Disability VAT relief for Charities

Instructions on how to Claim VAT Relief on our Website

  • Firstly add all your products to the cart and navigate to checkout. (YOUR PRICES WILL BE SHOWN INCLUDING VAT)

  • Fill in all your details on the left hand side.

  • Fill in the details of the person claiming VAT relief on the right hand side

  • Wait for the page to refresh

  • VAT will be automatically deducted on any items in your cart that are eligible for VAT relief.

  • Happy Shopping!

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