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New wall rail system with no need for structural support

4th April 2019

Hoist rail system – The wall rail system with no need for structural support

Fixing ceiling hoists to walls with no structural support is now made possible with the wall rail system. This makes the system perfect for pre-fabricated buildings with stud walls, buildings where there is no structural support in the roof, and rooms with very high ceilings.

The unique new hoist system covers the whole room, giving the maximum amount of coverage with a traverse rail which can cover up to 5 metres with a total maximum SWL of 255 kg (40 stone).

The innovative design means that small discrepancies in the width of the room can be overcome without any special adaptions whilst the narrow profile and concealed fixings ensure that the wall rail appears discreet and stylish, blending into the decor of the room.  LED lights can also be mounted underneath the rails for atmospheric lighting effects, and a cupboard can be built to hide the hoist when not in use.

Revolution in fixing

These wall rails are a revolution in fixing and can be fitted not only to brick and block walls, but also to plasterboard (stud) walls with no further structural support required, giving great flexibility for mounting the rail system. The system has been designed in conjunction with structural engineers and a safety factor of 50% is built in to the design. Upon completion every system is weight tested to a multiplier of 1,5 of the Safe Working Load to meet BS EN 10535 standard.

The ongoing benefits using wall rail hoist systems

A point that is often overlooked when considering fixing methods for ceiling hoists, is future and ongoing maintenance requirements. By law these hoists must be serviced every 6 months under the LOLER 1998 regulations. By bringing all fixings beneath ceiling level, working at height risks are greatly reduced and the maintenance process is simplified.

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