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Product Focus – Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Hoist

9th April 2019

Ceiling mounted hoist that is user friendly, powerful and fast

The GH1 patient hoist has been designed to deal with day-to-day lifting needs typically encountered in care environments. It takes up little space, is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving processes safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike. All GH1 lifting modules are user-friendly, powerful and fast; they are designed for permanent/semi-permanent installation in ceiling- or wall-mounted rails. The unit is operated via a simple hand control unit, quickly and easily lifting users weighing up to 255 kg. The soft exterior conceals a hard heart. Lithium Ion batteries combined with a twin speed motor create a hard working, reliable hoist that will lift over and over again without letting you down. Without weight the GH1 lifts twice as fast, enabling carers to move the hoist from the working area quickly giving more time to focus on patient care.


The GH1 hoist is an excellent option where there is a limited budget due to its accessible pricing. Designed and manufactured by world renowned Danish hoist manufacturer Guldmann, it represents excellent value for money, combining quality and affordability.

Safety first

The GH1 puts patient and carer safety first. With anti-twist strap device, emergency stop, emergency lower and anti-rewind strap device, the GH1 ensures that you are always lifting and lowering safely.

Easy to charge

A dedicated handset charging system makes the GH1 very easy to charge. After use, simply by plugging the handset into the holder, charging starts automatically. Not only does this ensure that hoist is ready for its next use – it also keeps the handset out of harms way.

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