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5 Considerations when installing a new ceiling hoist on an existing track

30th June 2022

Upgrading hoists can be an expensive business. However there is another option – what if the hoist unit itself could be upgraded, and the track left in place? Well the good news is that this can be done. Here’s 5 considerations if you’re fitting new hoists to old track.

  1. Check Compatibility of hoist and rail. In order for the hoist to run on the old rail, the new hoist trolley must be compatible with the existing rails. This should be checked and confirmed that the trolley not only fits in the rail, but that the trolley moves freely around track curves, through gate systems and through switch tracks and turntables if fitted.
  2. Safe Working Load. It is important that the hoist has the same Safe Working Load as the rail. The rail system has been designed to take a specific loading, and it is important that eth hoist does not exceed that loading, and put the users at risk.
  3. Charging. Check how the new hoist will charge, as if the old rail system has an in track charging system, the new hoist may not be compatible. A modern hoist such as the GH1 has a handset charge system meaning that it can be fitted to any type of pre-existing rail system.
  4. Spreader Bar. Ensure that if there are any specific requirements on yor existing spreader bars, these can be also supplied on the new hoist. A hoist such as teh GH1 will have a range of spreader bars to meet differing requirements.
  5. Training. If your hosts are being upgraded, consider whether a training session may be required to familiarise staff with the features of the new hoists. Multicare offer a range of training sessions including on line refreshers, face to face and complete manual Handling Training.

Upgrading your hoists by fitting a new hoist on an existing track track offers many benefits at a reduced cost when compared to replacing the whole system.

  • Increased lift height – Modern hoists are far more compact than previous generations, so it is highly likely that you will gain significant lift height making transfers safer and easier.
  • Faster lifting. The GH1 offers an improved hoisting speed so your staff will save time all day every day when hoisting.
  • Improved reliability. A new GH1 will offer vastly improved reliability over your existing hoist. Furthermore you can opt for 3 or 5 year extended warranties, giving you total peace of mind.

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