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Changing Places


Changing Table or Couch

A changing table, or changing couch as it is sometimes known is used for personal care procedures such as changing incontinence pads. The changing table can be wall mounted, or a free standing version can be fitted if there is insufficient structural support in the wall. The couch should be 1800 millimetres long, with a safety side rail, and a safe working load of 200KG.

Wash hand Basin

A wash hand basin should also be provided, and this should be fitted with a thermostatic tap for protection of disabled users. Ideally it should be height adjustable to enable wheelchair users to adjust to the correct height, however a fixed hard version will still meet the changing places requirements. The wash hand basin should be fitted at least one metre from the corner of the room to enable wheelchair users access to the basin.

Ancillary Items

In addition to the above items there are a range of smaller items that must be fitted to comply with the changing places regulation these assist with the usability of the room ensuring that disabled users have all the facilities that they need for safe and hygienic changing.

Mobile Hoist

In the unlikely event that a ceiling hoist cannot be fitted, a mobile hoist may be used. However a ceiling hoist is easier to operate, especially for users with only one carer so a ceiling hoist is the preferred option.

Changing Places Ceiling hoist

A ceiling hoist is used to transfer disabled persons from their wheelchair and onto the couch for safe changing. The ceiling should have a safe working load of 200 KG (31.5 stone) and it should cover the whole room.

Peninsular Toilet

A Peninsular toilet should be fitted at least one metre from the corner of the room to enable carers to access both sides of the toilet whilst a user is seated on it. It should be a Doc M toilet suitable for disabled users.

Grab Rails

In total five straight and two drop down grab rails are required. These go either side of the toilet, basin and on the back of the door.

Privacy Screen

To protect users’ dignity a privacy screen mounted to the wall should be fitted.

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