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The new GH1F is a portable ceiling hoist that can be transferred from track to track with no manual handling.

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A portable ceiling hoist that can be transferred from track to track with no manual handling

The GH1F transportable ceiling hoist is a unique solution. Transportable ceiling hoists reduce maintenance costs, and mean that assets can be utilised to their maximum capacity. However until now a portable ceiling hoist has meant additional manual handling for the staff – the new GH1F changes all that. The GH1F has a transport trolley so that staff do not have to carry it around the facility, it also attaches and detaches from the track automatically eliminating the need for staff to stretch and attach the hoist manually. The automatic attachment is failsafe, reducing user error, and maintaining safety at all stages of the attachment and detachment process.

The GH1F can be fitted to almost any track layout – offering a flexible and cost effective alternative to a fixed hoist in every room. With SWL’s of either 175kg (275. stone), 200kg (31.5 stone) or 255kg (39 stone), the GH1F transportable ceiling hoist can be used for heavier patients. therefore making it a very flexible option.

Offering all the benefits of a ceiling hoist, but without the costs traditionally associated with a ceiling hoist, the GH1F is a truly innovative solution that will reduce risks and save money.

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The GH1F attaches and detaches from the track using an automatic failsafe mechanism operated from the hand control eliminating user error.


The GH1F attaches to a discreet trolley mounted on the track, meaning when the hoist is not in use, the visual impact is minimised. This has a positive impact on residents, ensuring care facilities achieve a less institutional look.


The GH1F is transported using a bespoke transport trolley, This protects the hoist, reducing caregiver strain. A charger is built in to the trolley enabling simple safe recharging.


The GH1F is available in 175kg (27.5 stone), 205kg (32 stone) or 255kg (40 stone) versions, enabling it to be used for the most demanding applications.