GHZ Lifting Module

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The new Guldmann GHZ Lifting Module is an innovative, room covering lift solution like no other. The sleek design and increased lifting height give this hoist a distinct advantage for all care environments.

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The Invisible Hoist System

The new GHZ is a discreet and almost invisible ceiling hoist system offering a safe, comfortable and efficient solution for the lifting and transferring of patients. The unique patented design conceals the hoist unit within the track, giving the system a seamless, invisible look.

Increased lifting height

The hoist system is built within its traverse rail, which minimises the built-in dimensions and adds to the lifting height of the hoist the system.

The GHZ provides an extended lifting height which is often a crucial factor in rooms with lower ceilings. This hoist system is perfect for garage conversions, older buildings with low ceiling heights and situations where lift height needs to be maximised. The GHZ’s amazing innovative design gives it an extreme advantage compared to other hoists on the market.

Discreet appearance

The GHZ ceiling hoist can be parked discreetly anywhere on the track, whilst the lifting hanger and sling can be stored out of sight in a built-in cupboard. A ‘through-going’ rail system provides complete coverage of a room. It also provides an effective and direct transfer from room to room e.g. bedroom to bathroom.

Easy to use

All operation elements are clearly defined and intuitive to use. The hoist system is operated by its handset, which clips onto the lifting hanger when not in use. The GHZ ceiling hoist is extremely easy to clean due to its sleek and simple design. Not only is the hoist used for room transfers, it is also used for gait training, balance training and personal care.

Flexible installation

The GHZ ceiling hoist is simple to install and un-install on both new and existing buildings. When mounting in walls, it will automatically compensate for non-aligned (oblique) walls with up to 80mm.

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Discreet and elegant

The simplistic and innovative design of the GHZ allows it to blend into all care environments.

Easy and efficient

Extremely easy to install and re-install directly onto all kinds of wall material.

Simple and flexible

The GHZ enables users complete coverage and an effective, smooth transfer from room to room.

Improved lifting height

Compared with other ceiling hoists, the GHZ offers valuable ifting height.

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