GH1Q Portable Ceiling Hoist

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The GH1Q is a portable ceiling hoist that can be transferred from track to track with no tools and minimum effort.

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A semi-portable ceiling hoist that can be transferred from track to track with no tools

The Guldmann GH1Q portable ceiling hoist is a unique solution. Using a special trolley that remains on the track at all times, the GH1Q hoist unit can be attached and detached from the track in seconds, without the need for tools. It is built to the same high standards as the GH1F and GH1 hoists, giving you reliability and legendary Guldmann build quality.

The GH1Q can be fitted to almost any track layout – offering a flexible and cost effective alternative to a fixed hoist in every room. With SWL’s of either 175kg (27.5 stone), 200kg (31.5 stone) or 255kg (39 stone), the GH1Q transportable ceiling hoist can be used for heavier patients, therefore making it a very flexible option.

The GH1Q transportable ceiling hoist can also be configured as a portable gantry hoist. By fitting it to either the Bariatric Gantry Hoist, or the Freestanding Gantry System, it provides a short term hoisting solution for any situation.

Offering all the benefits of a ceiling hoist, but without the costs traditionally associated with a ceiling hoist, the GH1Q is a truly innovative solution that reduce risks and save money.

What are the benefits of portable ceiling hoists?
Portable ceiling hoists offer a number of advantages.

If a resident does not need a ceiling hoist, the unit can be removed, reducing the visual impact.
You only pay for the hosts you use – why pay for hoists to be installed and maintained, if they are not being used?
Think how many nursing teams you have – do you need a hoist for each resident, or a hoist for each nursing team?
Call Multicare today on 024 7647 2600 to discuss how the GH1Q can reduce your capital outlay and maintenance costs, yet still provide safe manual handling in your institution.

Stage 1

By lifting the GH1Q, a mechanism releases the hoist from the trolley on the track.

Stage 2

Once the GH1Q has been lifted, the hoist can be turned on the trolley. The failsafe mechanism means this cannot be done if there is weight on the hoist.

Stage 3

The GH1Q can be turned at 90 degrees to the track – any less than this and it cannot be removed.

Stage 4

Once the GH1Q is at 90 degrees to the track, you can remove the hoist from the track and transport it to a new location.

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